SureCam Monitoring

Our 24/7 video monitoring service provides immediate visibility of all road collisions, near misses and other notable driving events. This fully-managed service allows you to increase the level of duty of care offered to drivers, while better managing the insurance claims process.

All incoming alerts are actively monitored, with the associated video footage and vehicle data being reviewed and graded within 1 hour of the incident taking place. A detailed report is then sent alongside the video footage to an agreed list of contacts. For fleets with a dedicated claims response service, this notification can be used to proactively contact and support drivers and commence the claims process.

Our bespoke monthly management report provides a breakdown of all alerts by grade, location and time of day to offer added operational insight and support to any corporate safety initiatives.


24/7 call centre monitors alerts and assesses video footage


Drivers can be supported in the event of a crash and emergency services called


Detailed incident report provides you with a detailed overview and video of each event


A customisable monthly management report provides a breakdown of all alerts 

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