Protect your drivers and reduce claims costs with video monitoring.


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Forward Facing Connect Camera Vehicle

Forward Facing Camera

Two Camera SureCam Vehicle Dash Cam

dual facing camera


Our SureCam connected devices are the leading single-and dual-camera solutions for vehicle operations, providing increased protection against fraudulent insurance claims, false driving allegations and disputed liability. They use the most sophisticated 3G and 4G technology so that HD footage of any collision, near miss or harsh driving incident is captured and automatically transmitted within moments of it happening.

Unlike other systems in the marketplace, the videos and supporting data are uploaded to a secure server network with no user intervention required, making them the only truly effective 3G vehicle cameras for First Notification of Loss (FNOL).



Reduce incident frequency by up to 55%


Acquire 100% real-time visibility of all collisions


Reduce claims cost by up to 40%

SureCam Features

Remote Vehicle Camera Management

Remote Vehicle Camera Management – over the air health and status check

Web-Enabled Dash Cam

Web-enabled User Interface – immediate email and pop-up screen notifications when an event has occurred

GPS Tracking Software

Supporting Information – captures speed, GPS position and g-force data

HD Vehicle Dash Cam

Full HD Video – high quality footage whatever the time of day, in any weather conditions

Best Connect Camera for Vehicles

Hardware Quality – IS0 9001 Accreditation and E1 Marked in Germany

Automatic Upload Vehicle Dash Cam

Automatic Upload – transmits to secure server without manual intervention

Remote Trigger Dash Cam

Remote Trigger & Panic Alarm – enables driver-triggered alerts and video upload

Battery Back-Up Dash Cam

Battery Back-Up – still transmits when the ignition is off