Five Key Takeaways from the CV Show:


Earlier this month, SureCam exhibited at the Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show, the largest and most attended transportation show in Britain. Every year, thousands of fleets and industry suppliers, like SureCam, flock to the CV Show to showcase new products, meet with industry insiders, and discover new trends shaking the world of transportation.

SureCam talked to several fleet managers, discussing the challenges they are facing in day-to-day business and the solutions they were exploring.

SureCam’s Five Key Takeaways from the 2019 CV Show:

1. Fleets are making the switch to electric vehicles
With government targets to cut carbon emissions and introduce clean air zones, fleets are feeling the pressure to go electric. In response, vehicle manufacturers at the CV show displayed a range of new electric cars, vans and trucks. Some fleet operators we spoke to were weighing up the costs of switching to alternative fuel cars in an effort to run safer and cleaner vehicles.

2. Overwhelming choice of mobility solutions

Fleet managers now have to think about a greater variety of mobility solutions and decide which options best suit their needs. This was evident at the CV show with industry suppliers offering more mobility products including car share, car leasing options, and electric vehicles.

The Chairman of ACFO, John Pryor, described the changing role of the fleet manager, “At face value, mobility manager may better describe the job of today’s fleet manager. After all, many of us while managing a fleet of vehicles are also responsible for employees moving around the country by other means – bus, train and plane, for example, as well as by car.”

3. Turning fleet data into actionable insight
Fleets generate a large amount of data from telematics, dash cam footage, GPS to road conditions. But finding and analysing the right information at the right time is often a challenge for fleet operators.

The range of smart vehicles and connected devices at the event shows how fleets are using business intelligence tools. Connected solutions that monitor vehicle and driver behaviour give insight on how the overall fleet is performing in real time.

4. Fleets are taking a more proactive approach

Fleet managers we met at the show understood the value of connected devices that support first notification of loss, FNOL and proactive claims management to reduce insurance costs. A growing number of fleets are looking to go a step further to stop incidents happening in the first place. Larger fleets are looking to invest in risk management software that gives them a single view of fleet data with predictive analysis so they can assess all their fleet risk in one platform.

5. The UK light commercial vehicle (LCV) sector is thriving

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reported a 59% growth in the number of vans since 2000. This is almost double the growth seen in cars, making it the fastest growing vehicle category in the UK.

Businesses downsizing, a rise in self-employment, and the boom in online shopping are driving the rapid growth in the van market.

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Liya Hussey