Besblock Improves Fleet Safety with SureCam Connected Cameras

Besblock fleet safety with SureCam

Besblock Ltd, a building block manufacturer, has implemented a connected vehicle camera solution across its transport operation to enhance the safety of its drivers. A fleet of 26 vehicles have been fitted with the industry-leading SureCam device to improve driver behavior and capture video evidence in the event of a serious road incident.

The SureCam vehicle cameras will enable Besblock to view any driving incident that has occurred within seconds, so it can immediately determine who is at fault and take appropriate action. Collisions and near misses trigger notification instantly, from the scene. This will provide increased protection against fraudulent insurance claims, false driving allegations and disputed liability.

In a recent incident, one of Besblock’s drivers was cut off by a third-party vehicle which made a wide left turn in front of the Besblock vehicle, resulting in a collision. The SureCam device captured the incident and provided Besblock with video evidence of the collision within seconds. Besblock was then able to quickly resolve liability and ensure its driver was uninjured.

Mervyn Smith, Transport Manager of Besblock said, “I am very pleased with our camera acquisition it has already been of great use to us. I am sure it will help in the future to keep both our company and other road users safe.”

Additionally, SureCam’s cloud-based platform will provide Besblock with the video and data it needs to improve driver training, coaching and feedback. SureCam’s UK Sales and Marketing Director Ian Hoskins said, “Each SureCam device can be individually configured to provide the most relevant information and a tailored view of fleet safety incidents.”

Liya Hussey