GBA Services Looks Forward With Camera Technology 25/09/2015

Lancashire-based time critical and high-value-goods logistics provider, GBA Services, is rolling out forward facing camera technology across its entire truck and van fleet. An initial tranche of 50 vehicles are already fitted with the Intelligent Telematics IT1000 units, with the remaining 150 DAF XF tractor units and Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans earmarked for completion by the end of 2015.

The company says its drivers, while initially sceptical, have now embraced the introduction of the new cameras. Furthermore, productivity gains are being realised thanks to the system’s ability to monitor incidences of harsh braking and acceleration.

“It didn’t take long for the drivers to see the benefits of the new camera systems,” said Fleet Manager, Mark Hailwood, “there was an initial resistance, but they were quick to realise that, actually, the cameras are for their welfare. We’re able to analyse and change driving technique in order to boost productivity, too.

“It’s important for us to roll-out the technology right across the fleet,” he said, “our drivers are our greatest asset, regardless of whether they are behind the wheel of a van or a maximum weight six-axle truck and trailer.”

The road, sea and air-freight specialist is investing over £100,000 in the new technology, and Hailwood is confident of recouping the outlay in the short-to-medium term.

“Already, we’ve made savings on spurious insurance claims from third party claimants,” he added, “and we expect the cameras to pay for themselves by the end of 2017. On a specific occasion, we were able to recover monies following an incident even when our driver was away from his vehicle. A trailer had reversed into his vehicle and vacated the scene without reporting the incident. With the new camera on-board,” he said, “we were able to trace the vehicle and, upon viewing the irrefutable evidence, the company involved met the cost of the repair.”

The Intelligent Telematics 3G camera systems comprises a 32Gb SD-card and a 24-hour loop system. ‘Events’ are locked in a partitioned area of the SD-card which can either be downloaded or viewed immediately via an instant email alert. Any triggered event comprises 20 seconds of footage before and 20 seconds after the incident, and is automatically sent to a remote safe server as additional back-up to the on-board device.

Importantly, and in addition to the obvious advantages that forward facing cameras can offer following minor traffic accidents and infringements, GBA Services’ is also closely monitoring driving performance – and productivity is increasing as a result.

“We noticed repeated events from one particular van driver,” said Hailwood, “data suggested he was driving too hard and, on closer inspection, this saw high fuel use and excessive wear and tear. Having quickly identified the issue,” he said, “the driver was able to improve the standard of his driving and the result was improved productivity.”

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