Intelligent Telematics has expanded its presence within the insurance sector in response to growing demand for 3G vehicle camera from UK fleet operators and concerns over the failure rates of traditional SD card camera technology. The company has teamed up with over 40 insurance brokers in the past six months in order to help their customers effectively reduce accident frequency, claims costs and ultimately annual premiums.

While the benefits of vehicle cameras in dealing with insurance claims is increasingly recognised by insurers and fleet operators alike, there are proven limitations around traditional SD card-based technology with footage of incidents regularly lost because of corrupted or incomplete data files. As a result, insurance companies are turning their attention to 3G devices, which transmit footage of accidents and near misses via a secure private network to a web-based interface, so a triggered event is always captured and can be viewed almost immediately.

“There is mounting recognition that 3G cameras are a proven and reliable means of reducing insurance costs and achieving improved levels of road safety,” explains Adam Wild, Strategic Partner Manager at Intelligent Telematics. “It provides immediate access to high quality footage when a collision does occur, without risk of corruption or loss of data, as well as offering an efficient and proactive system to report and deal with claims. Meanwhile, it is becoming a useful tool to engage with employees to achieve better driver behaviour and avoid potential incidents in the first place.”

In fact, recent analysis of 2,000 commercial vehicles using 3G vehicle cameras found that accident frequency reduced on average by 45 per cent, and when an incident did occur the claims cost was 27 per cent lower. One operator in particular has been able to achieve a drop in incidents of 80 per cent, while using footage and supporting data to better prove blame and increase speed of intervention, resulting in paid motor fleet claims falling by over 40 per cent over a six-month period.

“Our 3G cameras are being used by an increasing range of fleet operators to prove responsibility, so they can resolve incidents quickly when drivers are at fault or disprove any fraudulent claims. Therefore, insurance businesses are seeing the potential and working closely with us to encourage and incentivise their customers to adopt the technology,” concludes Wild.

Intelligent Telematics’ IT1000 3G vehicle camera is the most sophisticated vehicle camera solution currently available and the only device of its kind certified for after-market installation in the EU. The forward-facing camera possesses  a built in battery back-up and 3G modem, ensuring that any accident footage is captured and transmitted from the device within moments of an incident happening, even if power is lost during the incident.

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