Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) and Intelligent Telematics have teamed up to help fleet operators improve road safety, reduce insurance costs and boost Duty of Care. The partnership will create an industry-first solution that will take advantage of advanced fleet compliance, risk management and driver training services in combination with 3G vehicle cameras and tracking technology.

The two companies will work closely to develop an integrated approach that will not only minimise the risk factors facing fleets but also provide real-time visibility of all incidents, near misses and harsh driving events. This will enable organisations to meet legal obligations, reduce costs, lessen environmental impact and ultimately save lives, overcoming some of the most challenging driver safety issues they face.

Moving forward, video footage and driver behaviour reports from Intelligent Telematics’ all-in-one 3G vehicle camera and tracking tool will be available direct from ADT’s Riskmapp solution, a web-based portal that provides instant access to essential fleet data, analysis and documentation. As a result, fleet operators will have full visibility and control over critical fleet, vehicle and driver information to support their ongoing safety and insurance strategies.

The all-in-one tool uses the IT1000 3G vehicle camera, the most sophisticated and powerful device currently available in the marketplace, to capture footage of road collisions and harsh driving events along with supporting vehicle data. This helps mitigate financial and operational risks within fleet operations by having immediate proof of what really happened, meaning companies can benefit from immediate claim intervention while protecting against crash for cash fraud, bogus whiplash and other fraudulent insurance claims.

ADT will also be able to use historical driver behaviour data alongside its existing audits to better define low, medium and high risk employees. As a result, the company will be able to create highly-accurate and tailored training solutions, using actual footage of driver-specific incidents to support the overall education process. Meanwhile, examples of poor driving styles will be incorporated into ADT’s range of e-learning modules.

Sam Footer, Head of International Business and Strategic Development at Intelligent Telematics commented: “Recent research found that our 3G vehicle camera technology achieved a reduction in accident frequency of 45 per cent and when an incident did occur the cost was 27 per cent less as a result of instant intervention. What was also striking was that 65 per cent of the accidents recorded were in fact avoidable highlighting a clear opportunity to improve fleet safety levels through improved and targeted driver engagement. Therefore, this partnership with ADT will enable companies to take proactive action to address driver issues to improve safety and reduce costs.”

Andy Phillips, Director of Applied Driving Techniques said: “Business driving is the foremost occupational hazard with over 30 per cent of road deaths attributed to work-related activity each year, so we work with companies of all sizes to address corporate level risk and create the necessary environment for safety culture change. With this in mind we are committed to work with likeminded and industry-leading specialists such as Intelligent Telematics to enhance our offering. Using real-time and historical data will provide added driver insight and enable us to better analyse and address risk factors to maximise value and achieve measurable results.”

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