New business launched to provide integrated camera & tracking solutions for fleets 4/12/2013

A new company has been launched that will help vehicle operators mitigate financial and operational risks within their fleet operations.

Founded as crash for cash fraud, bogus whiplash claims and rising insurance premiums costing UK businesses hundreds of millions of pounds each year, Intelligent Telematics will combine tracking and integrated camera technology to capture footage of incidents along with supporting vehicle data, providing proof of what really happened and protect against avoidable insurance costs.

The firm will deliver a tailored offering to both fleet operators and the insurance industry and will also offer a dedicated consultancy service to provide insurance analysis, identify areas of risk and help combat cost pressures.

Sam Footer, head of international business and strategic development at Intelligent Telematics, commented: ‘We are bringing together a global team of industry experts from the telematics, camera and insurance industries to deliver an unrivalled service to customers. As a result, vehicle operators will now be able to achieve significant benefits by reducing and simplifying the claims experience; better managing high-risk driver behaviour; and improving fleet safety and efficiency.’

The technology solutions will allow driving incidents and exceptions to be recorded and communicated using a forward facing camera fitted unobtrusively in the vehicle and integrated seamlessly with a proven vehicle tracking system. The camera provides continuous recording from ignition with a wide angle pillar to pillar view and is combined with three-axis g-force measurement and location and speed data capture to provide a complete picture of events.

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