First Notification of Loss

Our managed First Notification of Loss (FNOL) service enables immediate liability assessment and Third Party Intervention (TPI) to reduce your indemnity spend and the claims lifecycle. It combines industry-leading response times with a compassionate and empathetic driver-and third-party experience. 

A 24/7 call centre proactively monitors alerts generated from your connected vehicle cameras, providing added driver support and industry-leading third-party capture rates of over 85 per cent. FNOL is typically achieved in less than five minutes and TPI within 15 minutes, with video evidence and supporting vehicle data available within moments.


Contact emergency services quicker in the event of a serious collision


Rapid response to an incident so the driver can be more-effectively supported


Faster handling and resolving of liability can increase brand protection and avoid unnecessary costs


Opportunistic and organised fraud can be better detected and managed to minimise impact

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