Protect your fleet, drivers and bottom line

Connected camera solutions for the fleet, road transport and insurance sectors, providing immediate and secure access to video evidence and proof of what really happened.

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Our network-connected vehicle cameras and tracking technology protect fleets from false driving allegations, unsafe driving and are the first line of defense against rising insurance costs.  

The SureCam solution provides incident video and driving data in real time – instantly, from the scene.  We work with clients to customize each camera’s configurations to provide visibility into the incidents and driving behavior you care about.

Our clients include global commercial fleets, independent fleet operators, insurance brokers and underwriters, claims management firms and international tracking companies.


Key benefits of connected vehicle camera solutions


Protect against cash for crash, staged incidents and false whiplash injuries


First Notification of Loss (FNOL) for immediate claim intervention

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Dramatically reduce the financial impact of motor insurance claims

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Mitigate operational risk by identifying poor driving styles


Improve driver behaviour through targeted coaching and engagement

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Increase fleet efficiency and reduce vehicle wear and tear 

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Boost road safety and ultimately save lives


Enhance duty of care and increase brand protection


Seconds Matter

SureCam’s real-time connectivity provides instant visibility into driving behavior and incidents.  When an incident does occur, within seconds, our clients know what happened and can take control of the claims management process.  The result: our clients see dramatic reductions in at-fault incidents and claims cost by intervening in the claims process, and dismissing liability when they aren’t at fault.  We also work with each client to build notification workflows that ensure anyone in their organization has the information that matters to them in real-time.  


Proactive Fleet Management

SureCam clients see incident frequency decrease by up to 55%, with some fleets reaching 80% reductions.  SureCam’s cloud-based platform provides fleets with the video and data they need to improve driver training, coaching and feedback.  SureCam’s Customer Success team works with each client to customize their fleet’s devices and harsh driving triggers to provide a tailored view of fleet safety and incidents.  With more visibility comes improvement in fleet safety, and lower insurance premiums upon renewal.  

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