Video Footage

Video Footage

The video clips that are displayed are a variety of incidents and accidents that have been recorded by the IT1000 3G vehicle cameras. In the event of a high incident or accident our customers are notified via email immediately, and within minutes will be able to view an HD quality video supported by detailed telemetry data. You will notice that the camera also picks up video footage of near misses, harsh breaking and events that are caused by other drivers. Not only will the instant notification and video footage enable you to defend or deal with a claim quickly but a lot of the footage can and is used by our customers as part of their driver training programs.

Third Party Capture - Driver reported third party had caused collision,
third party captured immediately and costs contained.

Complex Liability - Initial fault was claimed to be of the driver - video footage proved otherwise.

Cyclist - Immediate notification of collision enables: 1. Support of driver in stressful/upsetting scenario 2. Fast contact with the emergency services 3. Fast resolution of liability.

Fraud - Video footage is invaluable for determining the actions of the third party vehicle - particularly if their actions are fraudulent. 

Reckless Ford Focus driver seconds from disaster with HGV.

Reckless BMW driver in near miss with HGV.

Reckless Audi driver cuts in front of HGV at roundabout.

HGV Driver mounts roundabout entrance.

Cyclist pulls out into path of Taxi.

Vehicle overturns when misjudging the height of carpark.

Driver causes multiple vehicle incident whilst not paying attention 

HGV in near miss with cyclist at road.

Taxi pulls out into oncoming vehicle.

Van cuts across fully loaded HGV at a roundabout.


HGV aquaplanes on motorway in bad weather.

HGV Driver slams in rear of another HGV.

 The video footage contained within this website is not the sole property of Intelligent Telematics.  The video footage serves to offer a visual presentation and representation of the typical evidence and images that can be captured with  vehicle safety cameras.  Whilst we have ensured to the best of our knowledge correct  commentary on the footage, we cannot offer details on any insurance claim outcome.  The commentary and views expressed with the video footage is that of Intelligent Telematics.