IT1000 3G Vehicle Camera

IT1000 3G Vehicle Camera

Product & System Overview

The IT1000 video telematics system
(ISO9001 accredited) is an on board GPS/3G HD camera which can be fitted to any vehicle and offers full telemetry data over the mobile phone network.  

The video footage and clarity is of the highest quality. High level events are automatically downloaded to a server following and incident/collision, with medium and low level events available to be uploaded upon request via the portal.

Access to the stored data is only permitted to authorised person. Videos are stored in the event of a triggered incident or accident, with continuous video footage stored to the internal SD card (automatically overwritten after a pre-determined time – subject to memory size).


G-force is the measurement of acceleration felt as weight. This is an important measurement in an injury occurring accident, as it measures the amount of force encountered by any third party and vehicle. Any accident camera without auto calibration of their
g-force sensors or accelerometer at set up are not going to be able to provide the accurate and admissible evidence that insurers, brokers, claims management companies and end fleet users need to defend or help mitigate any third party repair cost or injury claims.


Standard Vehicle Cameras

Without auto calibration, the camera device would have to be mounted perfectly square on both horizontal and vertical planes to have a zero reading at standstill. This is physically impossible and therefore every device in the world without auto calibration will be providing inaccurate information. To make matters worse, several re-sellers advise fleets to mount cameras angled forward to pick up more of any blind spots – This means that the camera will be registering up to 0.45g on the x-axis at stand still. Many telematics companies consider this reading to be on the boundary of harsh driving and so again would mean that inaccurate information is the result with potentially disastrous results on driver behaviour gradings.


IT1000 3G Vehicle Camera

The ISO9001 IT1000 has been designed from the start to provide the accurate information that Insurers, Brokers, Claims Management Companies and end Fleet Operators require to defend themselves. Every IT1000 will auto calibrate in its mounting or be programmed to auto calibrate over the the air and zero all axis however installed.'

Result - The worlds most accurate accident camera.





Having very accurate GPS in the event of an accident, will give a reliable impact speed. Any vehicle camera with a 1Hz (1Hz means once a second) GPS module is not accurate enough to be used by insurers, brokers, fleet managers or claims handling companies to defend or mitigate any accident claims.


Standard 1Hz Vehicle Camera
- One time a second

A 1Hz camera will record the speed every 1 second via the GPS network and in the example here will register speeds of 53kph at 1 second and then 3kph at 2 seconds (the impact occurs at 1.5 seconds and is 27kph proving the inaccuracy of these devices).

IT1000 10Hz Vehicle Camera
- Ten times a second

The IT1000 monitors speed via the GPS and GLONASS network at 10Hz (ten times a second) and will be far more accurate. In this example to the side, the device would provide the exact impact speed of 37Kph at the 1.5 second impact time and be able to assist our insurance, fleet, telematics and telecom partners in defending and mitigating claims.

Result - The worlds most accurate accident camera.